The murder of cassie Jo Stoddart

These Teens Wanted To Kill Their Friend – And Their Plan Was Something Straight Out Of The Movies

Cassie Jo Stoddart was a sixteen-year-old girl, destined for greatness. She had lots of friends, was a straight-A student, and stayed out of trouble. Potacello, Idaho was a largely-Mormon town in southeast Idaho, where life was simple and everyone felt safe. All of that changed in September 2006.

On September 22, 2006, Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik murdered Cassie Jo Stoddart. Horrendously both murderers were her classmates and whom she thought were friends. Torey Adamcik later stated he was inspired by the Scream horror film franchise.

The Murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart

Cassie had agreed to housesit for her uncle, Frank Contreras, and his wife, Allison, for the weekend at the Whispering Cliffs residence. That Friday night, her boyfriend, Matt Beckham, invited Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik to come over to watch a movie. After a while, the two boys said that they’d rather go to a local movie theater instead, so they left.

Approximately fifteen minutes after Adamcik and Draper departed, the power at the Whispering Cliffs residence went out while Cassie and Matt were watching a movie. At that time Matt called his mother to ask for permission to stay the night as Cassie was frightened, however permission was denied. Matt was picked up by his mother a short while later. When Matt was about to leave, he called Adamcik to inform him that he would be going home. After Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik learned that Matt would go home, they reentered the house. As they entered the home, Brian cut the lights at the circuit breaker, making the house inside pitch black. Whilst hiding in the basement, they hoped Cassie would go downstairs in order to put the power back on however – most likely too frightened to go down – Cassie stayed in the living room. So they went upstairs themselves a short time later, disguised with masks and dark clothing and stabbed Cassie to death. The autopsy revealed that she had been stabbed approximately thirty times, with nine – twelve of those wounds being fatal.

Cassie’s thirteen-year-old cousin was the one who found Cassie dead on the living room floor of the house nearly two days later, as the family did not return home until Sunday. Three days later, Draper and Adamcik were arrested and charged with the murder. In their interrogations, both of the assailants blamed each other, but it was later found that they had recorded a video of their plan to murder Cassie before the attack. They also revealed that they had intentionally cut the power, and that they had never gone to the movie theater. Instead, they had been waiting for Cassie to be alone so they could attack her. Horrendously, Matt and Adamcik spent the following day together. Matt tried repeatedly to call Cassie throughout the day but was unable to get an answer.

During the investigation, a video was found of Draper and Adamcik talking about killing Cassie right after the murder had taken place. Brian Draper led authorities to a canyon in which they had hidden the knives and clothing they had used when committing the murder. It was found out that he was enthralled by the Columbine High School shootings and admired the two shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Just like Randy Robert Stairs, who saw the shooters as heroes and ended up killing 3 people at a grocery store. Additionally, it was widely known that Adamcik also had a strong interest in horror movies (admitting he was inspired by the Scream horror franchise) and “mockumentaries”.

While Cassie’s entire family has undoubtedly suffered from grief as a result of this terrible loss, three family members in particular have been greatly impacted. Frank and Allison Contreras, whose house Cassie was murdered in, left their house that day and never went back. The local sheriff’s office helped with temporary housing and cleaning up the scene of the crime, but the Contreras family could never bring themselves to go back. They have tried to sell the home each year since the attack, but no one wants to buy a house with such a history. Frank’s stepdaughter, who had found Cassie’s body, suffered a breakdown and attempted suicide.

Cassie Jo Stoddart’s family filed a lawsuit against the school district, claiming that the school should have foreseen that Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik posed a threat to others. The case was dismissed, with the courts claiming that the actions were not foreseeable and the school district was not at fault.

The only silver lining Cassie’s family has is knowing that her killers have been brought to justice and are currently serving life terms in prison. Every so often, the men and their lawyers will appeal the conviction, so far to no avail. We can only hope that judges who hear these cases continue to make the right decision and honor the memory of Cassie Jo Stoddart.

Evidence found of the Murder

On September 27, 2006, Draper agreed to show the officers where he and Adamcik had attempted to dispose of items used in Stoddart’s murder. Together with several detectives and his father he went to the Black Rock Canyon area and directed the detectives to a site where evidence from the murder was buried.

Where is Cassie Jo Stoddart’s boyfriend, Matt Beckham, now?

According to a Medium article, Beckham was initially a suspect in Stoddart’s murder because he had been the last person to see her alive and the police found it suspicious that he didn’t show any emotion when he found out about his girlfriend’s death. He ended up taking and passing a polygraph test. But the article goes on to say that he spent the following day with Adamcik and tried to call Stoddart to no answer. 

Now, it’s unclear where Beckham is or how he’s doing in the aftermath of his girlfriend’s murder, but it would make sense if he dealt with a lot of guilt in the following years. Even though he was first considered a suspect, it turns out that he’d actually wanted to spend the night with Stoddart. 

Stoddart had told him that she felt scared and wanted her boyfriend to stay over and protect her. Unfortunately, his mother didn’t let him spend the night, though she invited Stoddart to sleep over at their house.

Sadly, she declined the invitation. She reportedly said that she didn’t feel right leaving her family member’s home since they’d trusted her to look over it and their pets. Beckham ended up leaving around 11:30 p.m. and called Adamcik to tell him that he would be gone, which led Draper and Adamcik to the realization that Stoddart would be alone in the house.

Where are Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik now?

Draper and Adamcik were caught for their crimes and even videotaped themselves planning Stoddart’s murder and talking about establishing their alibi afterward. They were arrested and charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in September 2006. They were both given life sentences without parole. 

Now, both of them are in prison in Idaho, but Adamcik tried to get his sentence changed in 2019, according to KTVB7.

Adamcik requested that his sentence be canceled and to get a new one. But the judge denied his request and he’s still in Idaho State Correctional Institution. 

As for Draper, he asked for a new trial back in 2011. According to the Idaho State Journal, he asked the state’s Supreme Court justices to change or reduce his sentence. His public defender, Molly Huskey, said that his sentence was “unconstitutionally cruel” and that he was immature and had poor judgment at the time of the murder

raper and Adamcik had reportedly been inspired by the shooters of the Columbine High School massacre and wanted to become famous serial killers themselves. They had even tried to kill other people eight or nine on other instances, according to another ISJ article

Draper’s pleas for a new sentence were also denied and he’s still imprisoned at Idaho State Correctional Institution. 

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