Just you

Sometimes there’s no support system its just you and your grind

Wednesday vibes

And that my friends is the truth 💯 They be all happy for you but behind closed doors they are not happy for you at all. I liKe to see people do well. Have a good wednesday people 💯

too old for this

for the last few weeks i have had great difficulty  sleeping its like I’m suffering from insomnia i am awake nearly all night last night i fell asleep around 12 midnight and then i woke up as bright as a button at 2am and I’ve been awake since then  😦 its driving me slowly insane…

Three sides to every story

Christian, (21 years old) who worked offshore on a tug boat called the Magnolia Marine, was found dead in the bathroom of his apartment on Feb. 26, 2014. Both his girlfriend and one of Christian’s friends were at his apartment that day. His family insists it was a planned murder and states that the crime…