Start doing

Everybody wishes for somthing. Im a big dreamer and have been since i was a child. Its a curse and a blessing. Everytime i achieve something another dream comes along. I manage to turn those wishes into a reality by hard work. Lord knows if i can do it anyone can.

Dont be ugly

In a world where you can be anything….be kind


Im a big believer in karma…What goes around comes around.

Mabel broadbear

Mendip Hospital Cemetery In Memory of Mabel Broadbear (1876 – 1896) – Epileptic Mabel, daughter of Edward Broadbear, a butcher from Worle, Weston-super-Mare, and his wife Elizabeth, was admitted to the Wells Asylum on January 12th 1895, aged just 18 years. She had been subject to epilepsy for some years, her mother saying that she…