Dont settle for second best when you deserve the best.

This is my husband today is his 39th birthday he is such an amazing person when he was young his brother in law passed away and few years later his sister passed away. Be took there 3 children in as his own, he loved them as his own and spent his 20s looking after them….


The best relationships are not 70/30, not 60/40, not even 50/50. A true partnership is 100% them and 100% you.

Its complicated

Stop telling people about your relationship problems. Half the people you tell will make them worse and the other half will be glad you have them. The only person you should be talking to about your relationship problems is the person who can fix them, your other half.

You deserve better

Dear Girls 👧 Stop apologizing and blaming yourself even though you did nothing wrong. stop crying, Everyday for someone who doesnt care about you or how you feel. He hurt you, played you and broke your heart into piecea and you still cry for him, no girl don’t allow him the satisfaction of seeing you…

Abusive relationships

If anybody is in any type of an abusive relationship I urge ye to read this and I mean really read it It starts with little things but slowly and surely it escalates 😢💔😢