Mini photo shoot (selfie style)

Last night i done a mini selfie photoshoot at home to promote the sunglasses I am brand ambassador for. My new shades came last week but I didnt have a chance to get pics of them for my private Instagram account. I absolutely adore the glasses they are great quality and if im honest probably…

Our weekend

For Asif birthday this year we decided to have a pizza party in my parents house. That morning he had a cricket match he plays for munster and just loves it, he has so much passion for it. They won the match so he was in great humour. He was back in limerick at 5…

Saturday vibes

Yesterday was simply amazing i took the day off from the shop and decided to work from home. I had to do a photoshoot of the new arrivals for vintage girl jewellery . My friend and business partner Christina came over to help i cooked us both breakfast and then we got straight to work….

My super hero

Happy fathers day to my amazing dad. He is my very own superhero not only is he an amazing husband, but to this day he still does everything he can for his children, im lucky i get to see my dad nearly everyday because he works just beside me. Dad made our childhood magical, he…

Car picnic

Last night Asif took me to my shop i managed to do the window display and just spend some time in the store. Afterwards we had a car picnic with take away pizzas it was perfect and we are trying to make the most of this lock down

Date night

Asif and i had a date night last night. We drove to the city had take away pizzas that we ate at the river it was the perfect night

Dinner for 2

Our feast for tonight…omg it was simply delicious and as usual not a morsel left


Few pics of the hampers I did for work they are all under €5

My week

I went out for a few drinks with dad today, i love spending time with dad he is one of the kindesr,funniest people i know. Ive eaten out a few times this week the joys of been too busy to cook Work has been quite this week due to the road works, so ive had…