Find someone who

Find someone who would always be there for you,Who you’d share tears with before your happy moments,Who would do anything for you,Who would advise you with a respectful way because they know whats really good for you,Someone who would understand what you are going through without even saying a word,If you succeeded in finding such…

To the boy that made me an aunt

To the boy who made me an aunt From the second you entered this world I loved you and I knew we would always be buddies. I watched you grow into an incredibly kind, caring, funny and loving person. I couldn’t be more proud of you, you are an exceptionally hard worker and you ooze…

The perfect day

Both myself and Asif were off today so we had friends over last night for dinner it was so lovely catching up with friends and eating good food. This morning we both slept late and enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning. We got up around 12, I pottered around the house washing clothes and tidying up….

When you truly love someone

A man married a beautiful girl. He loved her very much. One day she developed a skin disease. Slowly she started to lose her beauty. It so happened that one day her husband left for a tour. While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight. However, their married life continued as usual….


“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.”

sorry i hurt you

Sorry I hurt you Every time I think about you You bring joy to my heart I miss you more than life it’s sel fWhy did we have to drift apart I’m sorry I know I hurt you I wish I could change the past I fell deeply in love with you I hoped our…

Totally agree

you will end up really disappointed if you go through life thinking people will do for you as you did for them. not everyone has the same heart as yours


“You can destroy a country, but you can’t destroy parent willing to do whatever they can to keep their kids happy – despite the world around them.”

Baby kai

Baby kai was four months old yesterday, I can barely believe it. Kai is the sweetest happiest baby I have ever seen he loves to be snuggled and cuddled. He was our day of sunshine and our hope during the lock down and even now we get pictures of his amily little face everyday to…