“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.”

This is life

You came naked,You will go naked.You arrived weak,You will leave weak.You came without money and things,You will leave even without money and things.Your first bath? Someone washed you,Your last bath? Someone will wash you. This is life!!! So why so much malice, so much envy, so much hate, so much resentment, so much selfishness and…

why do women feel the need to explain

Why do women feel the need to EXPLAIN?We explain why we work full-time. Or part-time. Or work from home. Or why we left work to stay home with the kids.We explain why we decided to leave him. Or stay with him.Or have another baby.We explain alllllll our parenting choices (especially our decision to bottle or…

I am feeling lost

i am tired today i am feeling hung over and i haven’t had a drop of alcohol. the reason is that i am having difficulty falling asleep at night. i know the reason for this is because for the first time in my life i am running from here to their i am finally having…

The secret of life

COWS DON’T GIVE MILK A father used to say to his children when they were young: —When you all reach the age of 12 I will tell you the secret of life. One day when the oldest turned 12, he anxiously asked his father what was the secret of life. The father replied that he…

Totally agree

you will end up really disappointed if you go through life thinking people will do for you as you did for them. not everyone has the same heart as yours

College life during lockdown

This time last year the whole world went into lockdown – who would have thought that it would last longer than 2 weeks I definitely didn’t. I was being naive in thinking that we would get a couple of weeks off work and school then life would go on. How wrong was I During that…


Don’t lose hope

Shine bright

Don’t be a star in the sky when you can be a candle in the dark


Happiness Is not about getting so you want, it is about enjoying what you have