Happy Easter

Wishing you all a very happy Easter I hope the Easter bunny comes to all your homes tonight We are planning on having a picnic in the park since the weather has been fabulous.


My most favourite thing to do in my downtime

It will happen

I will work hard, and do whatever i have to until my dream become real

0 to 100

Dream big, work hard and never stop believing

Living my dreams

Today isnt as cold has the last few days, the sun is shining, its not raining and to top it off ive been busy all day in the shop. With all new customers that tells me my business is running efficiently and right on schedule ive new customers every day and sales are constantly rising…


Im a big believer in Karma…what goes around comes around. I try to live my life by being good to people and being kind. Obviously im human so im not perfect i make mistakes but my intentions are always good. Im at a place in my life where i only surround my self with positive…


Don’t ever stop believing, your dreams will soon come true. Cos dreams have helped me on the way and they can help you too. Angels hear your every prayer and know just what to do, to help you on your journey and make your dreams come true. Love Victoria