I am feeling lost

i am tired today i am feeling hung over and i haven’t had a drop of alcohol. the reason is that i am having difficulty falling asleep at night. i know the reason for this is because for the first time in my life i am running from here to their i am finally having…


I have never given up on my dreams even now that I wear many hats as a wife and an entrepreneur My dreams and goals are important too. Us women always need to remember that. Don’t wait on others to bring you wealth and happiness. Go within, grow, learn, invest in yourself.


Never give up on dreams…If you do you will spend your life always wondering what if?

Believe in yourself

I seen an advertisement a few months ago about an entrepreneur’s programme it is being run by the Irish Times a the qualification will come from the university of Ulster. I applied for it along with thousands of other hopefuls if im honest I didnt think i would get a place on it. In my…

Keep digging

So what if told you that there was a enormous mine and in it, there were diamonds…tons of them. You would be given the BEST tools available and you would also be given the support you need along your way. BUT these gems were sporadic in location and you would possibly be cold, dirty, hungry,…

The Grind isnt glamourous

No pain no gain is just facts. If you want something motivating quotes aren’t gonna get it done, wishing for it isn’t gonna get it done. – This stuff isn’t Facebook worthy, this isn’t blown up swans, champagne, private jets. – This shit’s about hard work. – Who’s ready?

If you want it…work for it

I got home today after working a night shift i was exhausted but I knew that I had health care modules that i wanted to complete i feel it will help me get into a college course after Christmas to do a masters in health and wellbeing its the way forward now. I had six…


My father always said if you want something then work for It.as a young girl i didn’t really know what that meant. But now i do….Lord knows im working for it. Below is a picture of me taken at 4am this morning ( hair net and all) As most of you know I work 3…


Keep focused on ur dreams

Do it for u

You’re scared to start a 4 year course because you’re 30 and by the time you finish it you will be 34 Wether you take the course or not, in four years you will be 34.So why not be 34 and doing something you love!? Life has no time line. Stop comparing yourself to others….