The mysterious case of luxci

Luxci, also known as Lucy, was the possible name of a woman found wandering in 1992.

Luxci was found dancing on the meridian of a busy road on September 8, 1992, where she was taken to a police station by a concerned motorist. She was released but returned shortly after being found wandering again and was placed in a homeless shelter.

She was initially thought to be deaf, and she could not speak or write. She communicated using various home signs, although she could not use or understand any sign language. Communication experts were able to determine that her name was most likely Luxci and that she was 23 years old. It is likely that she was from Mexico and that she had arrived in California by taking a plane. It is also possible that she had a baby that was taken away from her; a medical examination confirmed that she had given birth.

She was eventually placed in a home for the developmentally disabled, where it was eventually determined that she could hear, although she had the mental capacity of a nine-year-old. She appeared well cared for when she was first found and had good grooming habits, and she was eager to communicate with others although she had no conventional way of doing so.

The last confirmed sightings of Luxci was sometime after December of 1993 after she ran away from the care home she was living in. According to some sources, she has been seen living on the streets in California as recently as 2014, but these sightings have not been confirmed.

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