What Happened to DeOrr? 2-Year-Old DeOrr Vanished Without a Trace During a Camping Trip With His Parents & Two Others

On July 10, 2016, exactly one year to the day DeOrr disappeared, Vernal was involved in a serious but non-life-threatening motor vehicle accident. The same year, the camouflage jacket DeOrr was last seen wearing was among the items left behind in a home Jessica and Vernal had been evicted from.

Jessica and Mitchell split up soon after the eviction. Mitchell later married another woman. Both he and Jessica maintain their innocence in DeOrr’s disappearance and continue to claim they don’t know what happened to him that fateful day.

What do You Think?
What do you think happened to DeOrr? Could DeOrr have fallen into the river? Did his grandfather hurt him and dispose of DeOrr to hide his crime? Why would Walter lie about such an important piece of information? Do you think Jessica and Vernal were involved in the disappearance? Or, could DeOrr have wandered away from the family’s tent and wild animals attacked him?

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