A letter from a broken hearted mother

To whom this may concern;

I am the parent of a murdered child that never made it to twenty-two. Atalia was murdered for what she knew. She found out how truly diabolical her drug friends and dealers really are, and she lost her fight on September 17th 2021 after she confronted them. Her very, very dead body was found by the EMT’s after a medical call went out in her second stage of rigor mortis and there was nothing that they could do. She had 33 ng/ml of fentanyl, over a 1,000 ng/ml of meth plus carfentanyl, too. It was a hotshot of drugs meant to kill her not times two—but times twenty-two. It was two weeks before she would of been twenty-two. And her drug circle did everything they could to shut her up; for instance, lied, stole, beat, raped, manipulated, and so much more to her before her life was taken, too.

She was deathly afraid and came to me right before they shot her up with the killer combo. They used her disease (addiction) to take her out. And have gotten away with murder because she was sick(addiction). And all the laws says is that if someone has a history of addiction in the state of Florida it is automatically considered an accidental overdose and as the detective said is a hard homicide to prove. The law looks at the victims like they are the criminals instead of punishing the real ones.

In short, this drug-demic of killer drugs; such as, fentanyl, carfentanly, and ISO needs to be addressed, the silence and shame that goes with it needs to go. The laws needs to change and the stigma, too.
My daughter’s life mattered to me and her death should matter to you.

Atalia’s Mom (KL)

•Post Written by ; Katy Leverock

Note; Please share so we can find justice for Atalia & so her voice can be heard

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