its my life

so its been a minute since i wrote a personal post and things in our life have been hectic as always but we are living our best life

new home

so for a long time i have been writing about how myself and Asif had been looking to buy our forever home and the week before Christmas we moved in and we couldn’t be happier it is our dream home.

we bought a 4 bedroom home in the heart of limerick city, its a stones throw from my shop and a 6 minute drive from Asif’s job.

we have settled in nicely and have decorated it the way we wanted. in the house i have my own room/office where i am running my second business from.

we spent a fortune getting our garden landscaped and all summer long we had garden parties and BBQs.

new business venture

I have written in my past posts about me wanting to have my own branded products and go to beauty school and it has happened i currently have my own beauty products and am just waiting to launch my business.

the business is called Victoria H and its a line of my own false eyelashes, and beauty tools along with instant Tan, shimmering lotion and manicure sets, i have my own brand of lipstick and all the products are in my office at home waiting to build my website and start selling.

I am proud of my line and am wearing my own lashes and beauty products and i have finished beauty school it took me over two years but I did it and spent all summer long creating my line. i hope to have it ready to launch in time for Christmas.

new Job

as you all know i had been working nights/ out of hours for many years and it was beginning to take a toll on my body and i was exhausted the whole time but i got a new job and I am loving it I am finished work by 6.30 every day and its an easy job, a great environment to be in and my colleagues are amazing they feel like family.

i knew the owner to say hi to and I was talking to him one day and he said one of his staff members had left so the next day I went to him and handed my cv to him and he hired me on the spot.


so I finished college with the university of ulster in Belfast, I got first class honor’s and am so very proud of my self. I am currently enrolled in Brentwood college in the UK and doing a level 7 in advanced business management. i have also been offered a place in Griffith college here in Limerick its starting in 2 weeks I am not 100% sure if i will except it or not but I am thinking about it

my business aka the curiosity shop

so the curiosity shop has been going amazing especially since we reopened after Covid Lockdown. we got all of our stock in for Christmas and I cant wait to put it out. i absolutely love what I do for a living and get excited waiting to go into work.


Asif is doing great he is extremely busy in work and as he is a lead colleague he has a lot of responsibility in work and he works in the seasonal department so its forever changing and is the busiest department in the whole store.

as i said in a previous post Asif got a new car he loves to get new cars every couple of years and its something he deserves for working so hard.

i am so proud of him and still love him more today than i did the day i married him

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