Buy a new car they said…it will be great

this year we decided to buy a new car we had gone to so many garages to look at and test drive the cars, I wanted to go with a Peugeot as it was a family run business and they normally offer a better after care service.

Asif fell in love with the skoda scala at the Skoda dealership. He test drove the car and fell in love with it.

I’m not a car person so what ever made asif happy made me happy so we bought the scala and we were 20,000 euro lighter after it.

a couple of weeks later we brought the car back as there was an issue with the fan, they fixed it and it had to go back again the driver’s seatbelt had a problem. They fixed that then we had to go back again the dash board was making a noise,it had to go back on four different occasions over this noise.

the dealership claimed it wasnt making a noise even though the salesman was the one who booked us in because he drove with asif and heard the noise.

I demanded that they sent a technician in the car with asif and low and behold they heard the noise.

the technician stated that it wouldn’t bother him if his car had that noise. He them tried to tell me that maybe it was the heat that caused the noise.

I would of laughed if I wasnt so pissed off at this stage.

The dealership said that they would contact skoda head office for us and file a DIS report and it would take 6 weeks for skoda to send someone out.

8 weeks later we heard nothing.

soi rang skoda head office for them to tell me no report was filed with them.

I had to wait 24 hours for skoda to contact the dealership and arrange for the report to be filed so skoda themselves could send a specialist out to check our car.

within 7 days skoda has a technician sent out and right now he is driving the car with adif to hear the noise himself and try to find the fault.

I’m sitting in the waiting room waiting for them to come back.

I had to take time off work, because on 3 occasions Asif was disrespected by the employees there the first technician turned his back on asif and walked off as Asif tried to tell him about the noise.

the second time he was asked to bring his car in at 8.45 am so they could give him a courtesy car and change insurance.

he told them he was working at 9am and couldn’t be late so he could do it on his lunch break.

he was assured everything would be ready for him at 8.45 when he went in the girl told him he would have to wait until 9.30 he said I cant I have work,you told me to be here and you would be ready. She said the insurance company doesn’t open until after 9 these are the rules I don’t make the rules.

asif walked out extremely angry and upset over the way he was treated.

at this stage we are angry, frustrated and sick of being lied to. We both had to take time of work on several occasions to try get this resolved so hoping and praying today is the day we get

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  1. Victoria says:

    Ah, this sucks. For the cost of the new car, you would expect it to be perfect and at least if there was a problem, for it to be resolved promptly. I hope it’s all sorted for you now.


    1. It’s still not sorted at all 😡😡


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