Where is brittany

In 1993 Rose Marie Thompson gave birth to a baby girl named Brittany. Brittany was diagnosed with HIV at the time of birth as her mother was HIV positive. In 1996 Thompson passed away but before she did she left Brittany in the care of Kim Parker. She would later be charged with many charges stemming from her misuse of donations, medicare, and state funds received for Brittany and her condition. Brittany bounced around from foster home to foster home and eventually was lost somewhere in the system. In 2000 she was reported missing by the state of Virginia.
Katie was always told she was adopted. She was about 7 years old when this happened from her memories. She recalled bouncing from foster home to foster home.
Growing up with her adoptive parents was a nightmare. She was physically, emotionally, sexually and medically abused. She was also often not fed. When she was allowed to go to school over the years, she would attempt to reach out for help from friends, teachers, and the like, but her adoptive parents would pull her from school and home school her or move her to another area. Like many abused children she was always a wonderful student when she was enrolled. Her high school years she shined like a star academically. School was a great escape as she was quickly locked back up when she returned home, and abused and tormented. This abuse went on until her 20’s. When Katie finally escaped this life she started looking into her adoption, hoping to find her real parents. Nothing was what it seemed. The adoption she thought took place was false. There was no paperwork stating that she was ever legally adopted.
Katie and her wife Dajah started looking for answers. It was exhausting and emotional. Katie had no idea who she was or where she came from. After following her adoption trail she came up empty handed. Dajah and Katie started searching missing persons cases around the country for young girls that would fit her description, when one night Katie stumbled upon Brittany Renee. Dajah was sound asleep but this could not wait. Katie woke her up from a dead sleep as this was too big to save for the morning. Looking back at her was her own baby face. She knew in that moment that she was Brittany Renee.

Katie and Dejah reached out to the appropriate authorities, and passed many of her own childhood photos and current ones as evidence to the FBI. The FBI does a thing called facial recognition in these types of cases and they have to pass a certain percentage to even further the investigation. She then submitted a DNA swab on her own to Ancestry DNA. The FBI sent a subpoena to Ancestry to get her sample when they were done with it, because she passed the facial recognition.

There are other factors in this case that need to remain in the shadows for now. We will all wait with Katie now, for her results. We stand with you in hopes for you to get your identity back. If you aren’t Brittany we will try to help you find your name. Because that is what you deserve.
**At this time Katie and Dajah ask that you respect their privacy as all of this is overwhelming. They appreciate the support and understanding.

Below is a known photo of Brittany Renee as a young child, the other is Katie today.

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