cold case mystery

in the early morning hours of August 14, 1974, the body of fifteen year old David Eyman is discovered on the side of the road, bound and burned.*David spent the last night of his life with his girlfriend in the Ruskin area of Kansas City. Before heading home, he dutifully telephoned his mother and informed her he was on his way. The boy, who was only fifteen, didn’t own a car, so instead, he walked home. Somewhere along those dark, gravel roads, David Eyman ran into his killer. His body was found dumped in a ditch around 3:45 A.M. on August 14th, 1974 by a police officer. The murderer used a rope to bind his arms and legs similarly to what is done during a rodeo steer tying contest. Then, he was doused in gasoline and set ablaze. David’s remains were still smoldering at the time of the discovering. The damage done to his body was so severe they loved ones were unable to recognize him by face alone. Instead, the police used fingerprints and a silver and turquoise ring officially call the identification. Investigators also recovered a small tin containing marijuana, but no the toxicology report showed no traces of drug use.To think a fifteen-year-old died so suddenly and in such a horrendous way was unimaginable.They began with the man who found the body. One theory is that the officer, whose name has yet to be made public, accidentally ran over David in his car, and to cover up the accident, he staged a murder. Others believe that he sexually assaulted the young teen. Then to avoid arrest, he silenced David by taking his life. Another concerning factor was that this officer had a history of conveniently showing up at the scenes of late-night arsons. This led some to speculate that he had a past in committing arson and may have done the same to David to hide his crimes. However, much of this remains talk rather than verified facts. Authorities never directly proved the officer to be an arsonist, nor did he ever face any charges in the slaying. Eventually, their prime suspect left the area.*At the time of David’s homicide, a gang of bikers was in the area. They called themselves the Missing Links, and they developed up a notorious reputation for violent crimes.Detectives interviewed many members of the Missing Links, but they never filed official chargers.*Forty-seven have passed since the shocking murder of David Eyman, but the case remains unsolved. Wanda passed away in 2008 without learning the truth of her son’s death. Her surviving children now carry on her mission for justice. With technology advancing by the day, they hope to retest evidence by using new forensic methods. According to Kansas City authorities, many key pieces of evidence have unfortunately gone missing. This includes the rope, the clothing David was wearing at the time of his death, as well as his ring and boots. What evidence that remains in the police’s possession may now be too degraded for testing because of poor storage conditions. Currently, they are looking for witnesses or people who may have any key knowledge that may help solve this case.

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