I am feeling lost

i am tired today i am feeling hung over and i haven’t had a drop of alcohol. the reason is that i am having difficulty falling asleep at night. i know the reason for this is because for the first time in my life i am running from here to their i am finally having time to relax and rewind.

its new to me and it will take some getting used to. take yesterday for example i got up done my nails, a facial, cleaned the house done a the laundry, cooked dinner for later sat in the garden for a while and done a blog post and podcast, i then took pictures for my brand ambassador role and had lunch and went to work i finished work at 7.30 had dinner with Asif in the garden.

then i had nothing else to do, no college, no night shift, no running around trying to do everything, i am so used to going from night shift to college, then sleep for 3 hours and go to work in my shop then sleep for another 3 hours and go to work for the night i lived like that for over 3 years and i do not know what to do with the free time its alien to me.

even this morning i cooked myself breakfast, done laundry, cleaned the garden, watched judge judy, have my make up done and im ready for work and i have 2 and a half hours before i have to go and i dont know what to do with the time.

so it will take time for me to get used to this.and when i do i will truly enjoy it but until then i am feeling at a loss.

its funny how i worked so hard for so long and now its all finally falling into place, we got our beautiful dream 4 bedroom home, with a garden to die for, Asif got the new car that he wanted, i have finished college and university and i know i passed everything but my results are still pending. my business is going from strength to strength i am feeling no stress and i do not need to worry about bills, we have our other properties rented out so no need to worry about the mortgage repayments on them. i got my dream job with the hours that suit me, and its environment is stress free and it doesn’t feel like work. i have qualified as a beautician and a MUA and it feels like everything is falling into place and all my hard work is paying off and i am so very happy in my life. i have surrounded my self with amazing friends, myself and Asif couldn’t be happier and it feels like all my dreams have come true and all my prayers have been answered.

so if you take anything from this post take this that you will reap what you sow i had to wait a good few years for all of this to happen, i took every opportunity that came my way, worked so hard and all my dreams came true so do not give up on your dreams, and do not ever let anyone put your dreams down remember if they do that they are most probably jealous and if i had listened to everyone i wouldn’t have achieved everything i have achieved and i wouldn’t be living my dream.

so make today the first day of turning your dreams into a reality

Photo by Karyme Franu00e7a on Pexels.com

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