all good things come to those who wait

for the last few years i have been working around the clock, going from day shift to night shift and attending college in between. there was no time for relaxing i always had to be somewhere and to go somewhere. i didn’t mind i was extremely grateful that i had my business and it was going from strength to strength. i was living my dream going to Trinity College and then onto Ulster university ( they are classed as the best colleges in Europe)

just as i was finishing up uni this year i was talking to someone i knew and they offered me a job i was ecstatic we spoke about hours and they really suited me and i jumped at the opportunity.

i left circle K which means no more night shift for me 🙂

in that week i had my award ceremony where i was up for academic leadership i lost to the stripe brothers from castletroy i was delighted to be in the category with them and they deserved to win after all they developed stripe.

i am slowly getting over night shift i know it will take a few weeks before the tiredness leaves me but it is worth it. i am so happy in my new job its a relaxing environment and a happy place to be its two minutes from my home and two minutes from my shop so it works out perfectly for me.

as for the shop its been so busy since we reopened after lock down.

after all those years of working so hard i finally have everything i dreamed of. i only have one assignment left for uni and we have finished classes since Friday last.

i have started a podcast on anchor where i investigate murder, mysteries and mayhem. i am a fanatic of all things like that. what i am interested in, is what makes a person do that to another person, what is wrong with there brain to make them do it. i have a few episodes up now and the reading version is on my blog. i am enjoying it and love to create episodes and blog posts.

my brand ambassador role is going good and i am enjoying getting my freebies and doing photo shoots to advertise the products. as of now i am just doing it for one company as i said before i love sunglasses they are my go to accessories.

i keep thanking god for how my life is turning out and for all the opportunities that come my way. i am a big believer that if you get offered an opportunity you should grab it with both hands cause if you miss it you may never get the chance again.

so if you take anything from this blog post that is opportunities come once in a life time so grab it with both hands and jump at it.

i have just qualified as a beautician and a MUA and i am so proud of my self its been a tough school year but i seem to have passed everything and i am seriously happy. i want to specialize in skin care and anti aging techniques right now i am being my own guinea-pig and doing micro dermabrasion on myself it seems to be working and my expression lines are not as noticeable but before i do it for paying clients i want to make sure the results are good and worth the money.

i have a really exciting business i am waiting to launch it will be a few months before it is up and running but OMG i am so very excited for my future.

i am still going to work so hard to make all my dreams come true.

as for my handsome husband he is doing great he is enjoying BBQ s in the evening with his friends, as usual he is working extremely hard and his back playing cricket this season so he is as busy as ever but we are enjoying every second we have together and trying to spend as much time together as we can.

how are you all doing? have you any opportunities that you grabbed with both hands or opportunities that you let slip by and regret it now. let me know in the comments

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