sorry i hurt you

Sorry I hurt you

Every time I think about you

You bring joy to my heart

I miss you more than life it’s sel

fWhy did we have to drift apart

I’m sorry I know I hurt you

I wish I could change the past

I fell deeply in love with you

I hoped our love would last

But I know I should have trusted you

But I was too blinded by your love

I couldn’t see how lucky I was

Our love was sent down from above

I should have trusted you more I know

But I thought you left me for good

When you went away from me

I never knew just where I stood

I know that I have lost you

And I know I am to blame

Will you ever forgive me

Will we ever again be the same

I miss you so much it hurts

But I don’t blame the way you feel

I’m so sorry that I hurt you so much

But my love for you was so rea

lMaybe one day you will forgive me

And take me back into your heart

I promise I won’t hurt you again

It kills me trying to live apart

William T Fearby. 29/05/2021

(C)@William T Fearby

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