I may be failing but im succeeding

i am one of those over achievers that you hear about, im a workaholic and a straight A student. im work around 90 hours a week, im that type of girl who always has a clean home, dinner on the table and just makes everything look effortless but in reality its a struggle.

not everything is as easy as it seems.

i run two businesses and also work part time in a petrol station, im am attending college and scoring off the charts in my classes except for one.

i received my assignment results from ulster university and i only got 65% for some that might be a great result but i usually get over 90% in everything i do and i never except less

for the last couple of years i have been working on myself and im happy to say it has paid off i seen my results and just smiled and said thank god i passed now that is growth.

i even celebrated with a bottle of wine and a Chinese takeaway. i told all my family and friends my result and even they are shocked with how happy i am (growth)

i have another assignment due in this week for the module future of work and honestly once i pass i will be happy.

i am feeling so proud of myself for accepting the result and being able to celebrate it, i now know that all the work i put into myself has worked and im even more happier about that

in life we need to just try our best and be grateful for the result even if its not what we thought it was, we need to learn to celebrate our mini successes and just enjoy life

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