my crazy life

hey hey hey how are you all doing. as usual my life is crazy but in a good way. im at work writing this and trying to catch up with you all. hope everything is good where you are.

we have had sunshine the last few days I didn’t get to see much of it (the joys of working nights) but im off for the next few days so im looking forward to spending time in the garden. college is going great i am finally up to date with all of my assignments’. I have a final exam on Tuesday in my disabilities study class i nearly know it all so i hope to ace the exam.

work is going great im loving the place where I transferred too but im missing my friends from the other store hopefully with restrictions easing I will be able to catch up with them soon.

this is the month of Ramadan so Asif is fasting i really have great respect for him and his beliefs I personally am not religious I suppose I am more spiritual. he gets to break his fast at 8.30pm so we both have dinner together before i go to work.

with work and college i dont get to see Asif as much as i would like and im missing him a lot although he is there i am bogged down with assignments and studying and running between my 2 jobs and then on top of it doing my shoots for brand ambassador jobs and trying to reorganize vintage girls jewelry to be reopened now that we can get stock Brexit really put a stop on that for a while.

so when i have free time which is rare i normally am too tired to do anything. thank god college/uni is over in June I could really do with a break and taking time for just Asif and myself

if you have any ideas on how i can incorporate quality time with Asif and juggle my crazy schedule let me know i would love to try them.

keep safe you all



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