ive been gone for so long

sorry i have been gone off line for so long as usual my life has been hectic, college is coming to an end so i have been preparing for exams and finishing up assignments. im feeling emotionally and physically drained but it will be all worth it when its done.

today i done my first session of online tutoring i was a bag of nerves until class started and just like that the nerves disappeared i am doing/tutoring Aromatherapy for beginners and i am so proud of my self it is part of my course where i am training to qualify as a tutor so i can run workshops and teach in the local college im so excited and cant wait to pass but im nervous in case i fail as this is something i have wanted to do for a very long time, but it is also putting me out of my comfort zone.

the best thing about this is once i receive the qualification i will be able to train/tutor so many different subjects right now i would love to run a business course as that is my forte and i would also like to do aromatherapy courses and maybe angel reading classes and life coaching seminars.

everything else in my life has been going great we finally got our garden landscaped and we had a BBQ in the rain on Saturday to celebrate (in Ireland it rains a lot so its best just to go with the flow)and i passed my make up exams as part of my beauty therapy course so im ecstatic about that too.

im also still doing my Brand Ambassador for Guardian looks sunglasses and im still working in the petrol station by nights.

my store is currently closed due to covid and we decided to suspend our online vintage store due to Brexit and the pandemic as we were finding it hard to get in stock we are really looking forward to jumping back into it again soon and to have my shop reopen.

how have you all be doing? what have you been doing let me know in the comments below

love victoria

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