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hope you are all having a great Easter and that the Easter bunny came to you all. as most of you know that i should be in the Guinness book of records for the amount of courses I do and the lovely people at Trendimi asked me to Collab with them, before I ever decide if I will Collab with any company I always make sure its the right fit so i completed a course with them.

yesterday i graduated from Trendimi i completed a course in fashion and lifestyle blogging as i am already a blogger i wanted to see if the course was good and if i would recommend it and i 100% would. it was very detailed and offered loads of advice and links to help you set up your own blog.

If You’ve got the motivation and inner strength to learn something amazing in your free time then Trendimi is the way to go. They have got something to get you cracking on your personal goals. Whether it’s taking better care of yourself or switching careers, the courses are here for you. Sign up today and when you register your email you will save 84% at

when you have completed the course you have an option to pay for a hard copy of your certificate or you can download one for free. i personally downloaded mine for free and i have it now framed and on my dressing table in my bedroom

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  1. Mel obrien says:

    just signed up for a course in party planning thank you so much

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  2. jamie mc namara says:

    thanks i will download the brouchure now is a good time to upskill

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    1. Its always a good time to upskill


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