College life during lockdown

This time last year the whole world went into lockdown – who would have thought that it would last longer than 2 weeks

I definitely didn’t.

I was being naive in thinking that we would get a couple of weeks off work and school then life would go on.

How wrong was I

During that first lockdown we all went on to microsoft teams to finish our college work and since my shop was closed I thought I would get a little part time job and enjoy the time off from my busy life. If I’m honest I slept a lot during the first lock down and I felt good. During the second lock down I was honestly just making the most of the free time I had to put my photography skills to use, read that book I always wanted to read and it was great

This time, it’s different.

Irelanc was put into a third lockdown at the end of december and we have been in lockdown ever since at least so i started ulster university online and it’s so hard, The motivation just doesn’t exist, itd harder to make friends, its so easy to get lost and not knowing what is going on and at times the internet connection can break your heart. It looks as if the rest of the semester will be on line so I’ve no choice but to get on with it. Hopefully as time goes on it will get easier

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