Child labour

This is Shahzeb, He is 10 years old and working in Barber shop near Abid. He is learning haircutting and how to be a barber and paid 70 Rs in euros thats 79c per day as stipend. The shop staff said that they have refused to take him due to child labour laws but his mother insisted and sent him several times. Also his mother asked the shopkeeper to keep his younger brother at work too which they refused as he was only 7 years old. His father is a security guard and cannot pay his school fee so he doesn’t go to any school now.
Since I live in Ireland where education for children is free and our labour laws are so strict this story breaks my heart.

When I was on Istanbul I had seen so many children lile shahzeb some as young as 5 working full time and it’s something I will never forget.

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