Beauty life hacks

I work hard…running 2 businesses whilst holding down a part time job, attending college, in the process of moving house and getting pur new house ready on top of all of that im a wife who cooks dinners, run the house hold, make lunches, so I’m one busy girl.

Trying to do every thing is really hard but as a woman i like to look good. When your exhausted its hard to keep up with a beauty routine so here ate some of my life hacks


I love to have a tan and my go to tan is the rimmel in shower tan its a life saver, you put it on in the shower then rinse it off, pat yourself dry and it will devil throughout the day/night. It’s a massive time saver.


I’m a big fan of the baby dove mosituriser it keeps my body moisturised all day its amazing.


One day a week its normally a Sunday for me i paint my nails and toenails i take my time doing this and always make sure you use a top coat they last me the whole week.


I feel condition my hair once a week I leave conditioner in my hair over night and wash it off the next morning. I ensure i shampoo it off twice this leave my hair super silky for the week. In between washes i use dry shampoo its a life saver for busy ladies. Heres a tip if you run out of dry shampoo talcum powder does the same thing.

Face mask

I’m a lover of face masks its my weekly treat it helps to keep my skin in good condition and makes me feel relaxed


When all else fails add a pair of sunglasses they make you look stylish and go with any outfit

So that’s my skin, hair, tan and nails sorted.

I just have to worry about my make up which I have managed to perfect in five minutes.

These hacks help to make me look like i have everything together and make my life so much easier and it gives me a bit of extra time in bed in the mornings

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