Then verses now

In 2009 i was working full time doing night shift in Tesco, i was studying to be a drug and alcohol addiction counsellor in university college cork, i would get the bus straight to cork after working night shift i would get 2 hours sleep before i had to go to work again. I was also training to be a psychological support worker with the Rape Crisis centre and running a stall in the was an amazing year i have so many fun memories of that time, i learned so much, grew as a person it was a year to remember.

I remember how tired i was that year and to this day i measure my tiredness level by that year.

Fast forward 11 years and my life is just as crazy but im living my dreams i went from a market stall to owning my own shop, i plucked the courage up to become a blogger, i got married to my soul mate, bought an investment property, part owner of a vintage jewellery store, still studying and loving it, i have surrounded myself with amazing positive people and gained a tonne of qualifications in between.

In 2009 if someone had told me all my dreams would come true i would of never believed them.

Its true what they say you never know what the future holds.

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