Hair removal

Yesterday evening i removed my vellus hair on my face. Im lucky i have blonde hair so they are barely noticable but sometimes make up makes them a little bit more noticeable.

As you know im studying to be a beauty therapist and when i told mu class mates how i remove the vellus hairs my teacher was shocked…

So i use Veet hair cream removal, it costs €1.50 in dealz (poundland) this product is not for your face so i only use a small amount and leave it on for less than a minute and i wipe it off with a baby wipe then wash my face and apply loads of moisturiser.*DISCLAIMER I dont recommend that you all use nair on your face, it is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Then i plucked and shaped my eyebrows being able to do my own eyebrows is one of the best things i learned in college.

As for my legs i shave them i find it quicker than using hair removal cream, for under my arms and bikini line i use the Veet cream.

I personally hate the smell of the cream but it is amazing.

I got up at 4am this morning to do my tan as it couldn’t be done last night because my pores were open due to the hair removal process.

Once my tan dries im going to go back to sleep. When i get up later i will whiten my teeth useing charcoal powder, paint my nails.

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