We are all artists

We all are artists and life is our canvas. Our thoughts and actions are like paint and stroke of brush. We all try to be different and paint the perfect picture. Most are so focused on their picture they are unaware of the bigger picture. That huge picture consist of every picture, as I look at this huge picture, I see chaos and none of it makes sense yet the beauty is stunning. This picture captured the very nature of the universe. Now, this picture hangs on the wall of paradox in a time frame. I like to provide food for thought to the starving minds. Feast your eyes and eat your heart out. If your passion is of a blaze, use it to burn these words that you’ve rolled into perspective, now inhale and blow. Get high and pounder, use your imagination and wonder, take your idea and plant. No matter what soil and season, let the growth be a reminder and an inspiration to a life of reason.

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