Definition of being beautiful

What does it mean by being beautiful?
Well, people have their own perceptions and definitions to define this term,
However, to be able to please someone aesthetically has been the norm,
But beauty means just not o please someone’s sight,
And it is not just about having complexion white and skin tight,
Well, people even say that beauty is about having a good and caring heart,
While some even say that being beautiful means being intellectually smart,
But I say, not just heart and brain, each and every organ of a woman should be beautiful,
If you ask me how, then here goes the rule.
Not those eyes of big size and dramatized with liners of ongoing trend and fashion,
But those eyes are beautiful which reflects truth, honesty, empathy and compassion.
Not that nose with straight edge or with 104-108 degrees orientation,
But that nose is beautiful which is held high in every case and in every situation,
Not those lips which are fuller in shape and looks like a perfect piece of art,
But those lip are beautiful whose smile leaves impression on everyone’s heart,
Being beautiful means being strong and assured in who you are,
Being beautiful means holding audacity to shine bright like the dog star,
You are beautiful no matter however is your body, fat, flat, curve or thin,
You are beautiful if you are comfortable in your skin.

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