Talk to someone

“Talk to someone”
Since the news broke that Caroline Flack took her own life I’ve seen hundreds of posts telling people with mental health to ‘speak to someone’ and it makes me question if people really understand how living with a mental illness really works.
If the cure was as simple as picking up the phone and calling a friend then great, we’ve cracked it and are on our way to get ahead of this…..but I have a feeling it isn’t.
It’s as if everyone puts all the blame on those with the mental health issue. It’s all up to them to get better.
Have you ever known a friend who has been going through a hard time and though ‘oh I’m not going to get involved, she/he will be fine’
‘I’m sick of hearing her/him moan and complain’
Maybe this is part of the problem?
People are too quick to distance themselves when someone is going through a battle. Maybe it’s because they don’t know how to help, or maybe it’s because they don’t want to take on that burden. What I do know is that extended hand and open ear makes a huge difference when you are battling with your worst enemy which is your mind.
Ignoring someone’s problems makes it worse!
Last year I felt like I couldn’t speak to anyone, because no one would understand. I felt like I was a horrible, nasty mother who didn’t deserve to have children. “Just talk to someone luce” please tell me….how do I bring it up with you in conversation? Since being open about my struggle I’ve had messages from tonnes of women saying they felt the same but never knew how to speak out…..mostly out of shame.
If you know someone who is struggling, or maybe your noticing a friend is becoming isolated or acting differently. Take the time to be there for them and let them know your there. Don’t text ‘how are you’ because 99.9% of people will reply ‘I am good how are you?’ ACTUALLY read between the lines. Listen. Go over for a cuppa.
Maybe they aren’t ready to talk, but at least they know you are there when they are ready.

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