Kardashian/Jenner family


I was watching an old episode of Wendy Williams show last night and honestly, I love her and think she is amazing. on her show, she was making her feelings clear on what she thought o the Kardashian/Jenner family and it’s clear she doesn’t like them and considers them trash.

I think the world is divided on opinions of them but for me regardless of wheater, I like them or not I do respect what they have achieved. take Kylie Jenner, for example, she is a self-made billionaire with her kylie line of makeup and I have major respect for her in fairness she came up with the idea, researched it, and turned an idea into a billion-dollar project massive respect. she is a single mother who constantly has her child even in work with her and I have to say as a businesswoman I do admire her.

then if you look at Kendel Jenner she came from a reality tv background and I’m sure she found it hard to be taken seriously, but she tried hard and is now one of the highest-paid models, even her sisters thought her dream was impossible because of the negative impact of the reality tv route they went down.

as for Kim, she is amazing with her own empire and brand name but to top it all off she is studying hard to pass the bar exam and to be fair no amount of money can pass that for you, no amount of fame can pass that for you but I am amazed at her. the family have made themselves a household name and turned themselves into brands, into millionaires and to be honest it takes hard work to become that successful so whether you like them or hate them you have to admire how they made themselves into million-dollar brand names

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