What really happened to misty

This is Misty Upham.

She was a promising young Native American Actress who appeared in the Oscar Winning Osage County.

She was allegedly raped at the 2013 golden globe awards by an executive from an infamous distribution company in the men’s bathroom, WHILE A GROUP OF MEN CHEERED HER RAPIST ON.

She never came forward for fear of her career and her life. About a year later she went missing and was later found dead. It was ruled a suicide, even though the autopsy stated that the cause of death was several blunt force trauma injuries to her head and torso. Her name was not spoken at the Golden Globes that following year.

It is very important that people know who she is, we are already so underrepresented in media but this story was never solved.

The night she was allegedly raped, she was wearing this green dress. She had the green dress at the time she disappeared. The dress had DNA evidence on it. #RememberHer #MMIW #NoMoreStolenSisters

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