Three sides to every story

Christian, (21 years old) who worked offshore on a tug boat called the Magnolia Marine, was found dead in the bathroom of his apartment on Feb. 26, 2014. Both his girlfriend and one of Christian’s friends were at his apartment that day. His family insists it was a planned murder and states that the crime scene investigation took place for only 45 minutes. So…MURDER OR SUICIDE?
Christian began dating a 17 year old girl named Whitley Goodman. She was wild with a bad reputation and did not seem like a good match for Christian. His parents were concerned about how compatible they were.
“She described a very chaotic childhood and I think that’s one thing that Christian wanted to save her, wanted to come in and take care of her, and then after about the first month things started to go downhill and I started becoming more and more concerned about the relationship,” said his mother.
Not even Whitley’s closest friends described her well. They called her manipulative, sneaky, and a cheater.
Due to his job with boats, Christian had a set life insurance policy. After an accident that took place at work, Whitley expressed that she wanted to be on the life insurance policy because she was worried what would happen to her and THE BABY if another accident occured.
“It appeared from the text messages that she had told him she thought she was pregnant, then she came back later, a couple days later, said she wasn’t pregnant, but then she said ‘What if I was pregnant, who would take care of me and the baby, because you know my mother wouldn’t,'” said Rae Andreacchio.
Eventually, tension built up between Whitley and Christian’s parents so she was asked to leave. Christian decided that he would leave with her so they moved into an apartment together. While living together, Christian had to leave on work trips a lot. While on these work trips, Whitley took advantage of it.
A few of Whitley’s actions when he was gone:
-Hung out with boys.
-Cheated on Christian.
-Used Christians car and money.
-Did drugs.
-Invited unwanted people over.
On February 22nd 2014, Christian was scheduled to leave for another trip. However, the night before (February 21st), a fight took place between Whitley and him. Apparently Whitley went to a party and Chrisitan did not trust what she did at the party. The couple was not on speaking terms when he left for his trip the next morning. When he left, he took a lock box in his car containing a gun and 7000 dollars. Did he not trust Whitley around this money and gun? He arrived at his destination, parked his car in a secured parking lot for his work, and went on his work trip involving being on a boat.
While he was working, Christian started receiving frantic phone calls from a friend named Dylan Swearingen saying he needed to come home immediately. Christian met Dylan through Whitley. The trio hung out constantly, but keep in mind that Whitley knew him first. Dylan told Christian that Whitley was using his car to drive to meet a boy who was a known drug dealer. This pushed Christian over the edge so he decided he would leave his work trip, come home, and try to kick Whitley out.
Unbeknownst to his parents, on the night of February 25, 2014, Christian received permission from his captain to leave the boat. His family says Dylan picked him up outside New Orleans and the pair drove back to Christian’s apartment. The plan was to kick her out, get his car, and head right back to his work trip by 5pm that same day.
At 4:30pm on Febuary 26th, 2014, Dylan Swearingen called 911 saying Christian had committed suicide in the bathtub.
Christian was found face down in the bathtub. The entrance wound was on the right side of his head right above his ear. The bullet and casing were both found in the bathtub, but did not indicate that the bullet penetrated anywhere in the tub as if the gun was fired inside the tub. However, there was a hole near an outlet right behind Christian’s body. The hole was never tested to see if it was a bullet hole. The tip of the bullet also looked like it could’ve had drywall on it.
Christian was right handed and the entrance wound was on the right side. However, the gun was found by his left hip between him and the bathtub. The barrel of the gun was also facing left (not possible if firing into the right side of the head). The gun was unchambered, but the gun used was a semi-automatic which immediately reloads itself after a shot. Someone had to manipulate the gun after a shot went off.
The blood at the crime scene was dried, yet the predicted timeline of this suicide would have suggested he shot himself within the previous hour before the 911 call.
At 4:45pm, police and other responders arrived. However, just 45 minutes later the Police Chief ended the investigation by immediately saying it was a suicide. The only evidence taken was the casing and the bullet. A proper investigation was never carried out.
When Christian’s parents got the call they were immediately suspicious. “He wouldn’t kill himself,” said Rae. “That’s not Christian. Why would he kill himself? He was coming home to run this girl off and get his car back,” said his father.
“His goal was to be a captain, the youngest captain at 27 years old,” said Rae Andreacchio, Christian’s mother. “They all say he would have made it because he was progressing pretty rapidly.”
“He had two vehicles, Jet Skis, plenty of money in the bank and was 21 years old. He had everything in the world to live for,” said Chris Thompson, Christian’s uncle.
After the incident, Christian’s brother was the one forced to clean up the crime scene, not police. Christian’s parents revisited the sight of where their son committed suicide and found a bloody towel stuffed behind the toilet and a knife covered in blood. His parents immediately brought the two items to the police to be tested…….but it was lost by police.
Christian’s autopsy was deemed undetermined, not a suicide. He had a fracture on the back of his skull and a small wound between his eyebrows which was confirmed to happen before death.
Both Whitley and Dylan were questioned.
Dylan claimed that Christian arrived at the apartment at 11:30am and argued with Whitley resulting in Christian putting a gun to his head asking “do you love me?” However, he then explains that the argument calmed down and they all watched a movie. After the movie, Dylan decided to run some errands including pulling out money “for Christian” and taking Whitley’s phone to get fixed because it was broken during the argument. Before he left, he hid Christian’s gun behind a curtain so he couldn’t find it.
An hour later, Dylan is observed on a bank security camera trying to withdraw ALL of Christian’s money. He told the police that he had gone to the credit union to withdraw all of Christian’s money. And they said ‘Why did you do that?’ And he said ‘Because he wanted me to have it.’ Unfortunately for Dylan, Christian apparently forgot to give him his account personal-identification number so Dylan called a random friend to see if they knew what to do to get the money out….not Christian. Why would Christian give Dylan his card if he wanted him to use it without giving a proper pin?
Dylan said he returned to the house where apparently Christian and Whitley then took a ride to talk about things. When he woke up, he saw Christian sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette and Whitley was sleeping in another bedroom. Dylan decided to leave once again, but before he left, he gave Christian his gun back. When police asked why he did this, Dylan said “I couldn’t take it with me.” He never took it with him the first time he ran errands either though?
After running errands, he returned to Christian’s apartment around 4 p.m. He claims Whitley was sleeping at the time but Christian was nowhere to be seen. That’s when he noticed a light on upstairs so he knocked on the bathroom door immediately asking “are you alright?” He got no response. Dylan said he rushed to go wake Whitley up and let her know that Christian was in the bathroom and not answering him.
When he opened the door, he discovered Christian’s body slumped into the bathtub. He shouted to Whitley that Christian was dead without ever checking on him further. Whitley apparently ran up the stairs screaming and held Christian as Dylan called 911.
When Swearingen made the initial 911 call he said he had seen blood spatter on the stairs. Now if Christian closed the door, put his head in the tub and shot himself, why is there blood spatter outside the bathroom?
Whitley’s statement started by telling the police that Christian did not trust her and she was planning on leaving him, but that she convinced herself they could work it out. She said the night before Christian came home, he called her saying he was quitting his job and coming back. This is the same time frame where they were apparently not on speaking terms.
His parents say this would not be something Christian would say. He loved his job and worked VERY hard to build up his career. He was dedicated and motivated with no reason to quit.
Whitley never mentioned an argument that took place between the two where Christian put a gun to his head. Instead, she said they went on a ride to a park where Christian told her he felt like he couldn’t make anyone happy. The last piece of her statement was that they got home and she took a nap with her dog.
When police asked Whitley if Christian ever talked about hurting himself she said, “I don’t think so.” So what about him putting a gun to his head earlier?
She claimed she slept through the gunshot. Did her dog react to this gunshot?
That is all the details she ever said.
Christian, Whitley, and Dylan were tested for gunshot residue on their hands. Whitley admitted hers would come back positive because the night before the incident she met up with a guy named Matt (the dude she stole Christian’s car to go see) and they were shooting guns. However…gunshot residue only stays on someone’s hands for around 4-6 hours and less if they take a shower or wash hands.
Dylan’s test also came back positive and he said it was because he went through Christian’s pockets for money. Dylan never mentioned doing this to police though.
Matt came forward and said Whitley only started talking to him once Christian left for his trip. Matt asked Whitley if she was still with Christian and she said no. Despite Whitley saying she shot a gun with him, Matt denies it and said that she was too scared. The entire time she was sitting on his lap with her ears covered. Whitley and Matt ended up sleeping with each other before she headed back to Christian’s apartment.
When Matt got the news of Christian’s suicide (the day after), he called Whitley’s phone and she did not answer. He then called one of Whitley’s close friends who she ended up being with. Whitley told Matt that Christian found out she was cheating on him so they rode around to talk about it, and then took a nap TOGETHER. Whitley told police she took a nap by herself. More importantly, she told Matt that she woke up to the sound of a gunshot, ran upstairs to Christian, and found a bullet wound to his throat. She also admitted to Matt that Christian DID make threats to hurt himself. Another chilling fact is when she found Christian’s body, she took a cigarette out of his pocket to go smoke it.
This all contradicts her story to the police. She told authorities she never heard gunshots and that Christian had 0 suicidal behavior.
Furthermore, Christian’s phone records show that on the afternoon he supposedly shot himself — at the time when Whitley says she was asleep on the couch — seven calls were made from Christian’s phone to Matt. These calls were from Whitley. She was asking him to come pick her up because her and Christian were fighting.
Why would Christian willingly let Whitley call another male from his phone to come get after they had been fighting about her cheating in the first place?
After Christian’s death and during her interrogation, Whitley was discovered to have Christian’s phone in her purse which she refused to give up for a while.
During the short investigation, it also came out that Christian’s car that he drove to his work sight was moved in the early hours before his death on the 26th between 2 and 6am. Remember Christian had 2 cars, the one he drove to his job sight and the one Whitley was riding around in. Christian could not have moved it himself because he was on the boat for work. The lock box inside the car containing the money and gun was gone.
Reflecting on all of these contradicting details and horrible police work, Christian’s parents are enraged and are persistent with getting his story out there. They claim that their son would never commit suicide. Dylan and Whitley were never charged, nor investigated further.
The true story of what happened remains unsolved. What do you guys think?

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