What does it take

When i watch reality tv programmes like “cheer” or tv shows like “spinning out” i see the dedication in these young people who sacrifice everything to make the team. They wake up at 4.30am to run, practice and work out, they work through pain, injuries and exhaustion all to do what they love every day.

For me i get up at the crack of dawn to study and organise my life, i work a mediocre job to pay for my tuition fees and i struggle all week with exhaustion and headaches. But i do it all in the hopes of getting to the top. I know im not the only 1 who does this. But when i see the dedication in such young people it leaves me in awe. sometimes I wonder is it worth all the sacrifices but then i know for me it is.

Dont get me wrong i love my life and i always make time to watch Netflixs, have dinner with Asif, go for walks, cook lovely meals, spend time with my family but it is a juggling act and its not always easy. Especially when my dreams and ambitions keep on getting bigger and bigger. My life is hectic running a business the curiosity shop, working part-time, going to college, then i also have a business with friends ” vintage girls jewellery” and im trying to bring out my own perfume line now thats alot to do.

With covid-19 ive realised that i know how to do a lot but i dont know how to take time off. The last week i have been spending time with my nephew, enjoy long walks with asif, im having fun, but i have a massive gap in my soul and that gap is my drive, i love working, i love running my businesses and i love dreaming its apart of me its who i am. Stress drives me, tiredness makes me more ambitious, im a workaholic i dont believe in i have to sleep i believe in getting things done.

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