This is where it ends

RIP Caroline Flack

In life I always try to be nice to people even if I dont like them, it costs nothing to be nice to someone. My mother always said if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all

For all the trolls, journalists and online sites that took it upon themselves to bully, torment and harass this beautiful woman then you are responsible for her death hope you are proud of yourselves

As we all know in december caroline had an argument with her boyfriend none of us were there so we cant really say we do know her boyfriend pressed charges for assault and later he recanted she was hospitalised that night due to an injury she sustained. Because of that night she lost her career and became a target for the witch hunters she was only human and she reached her limit.

For any of you who got involved in attacking Caroline Flack …..this is where it ends….and you were part of it…shame in you

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  1. peter kelly says:

    Its so sad

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