Busy day busy life

Needless to say my taking things slowly hasn’t really worked yet. After work I did the the shopping I got home at 7pm I fed my fur baby azaria I made her chicken soup with loads of chicken, the she had cat food and a bowl of warm milk. I straightaway made Asif lunch for tomorro he is having 2 egg salad sandwiches, chocolate and a bag of crisps .

Asif lunch

Then I set the table for our dinner, and made chicken and potato curry with boiled rice and some chicken sausages as a snack. After dinner I made us a cup of tea and we sat together

Asifs dinner
Table set for dinner

That’s when most people relax for the evening maybe watch a bit of TV not me I did all the dishes, put the groceries away,got my clothes ready for tomorro and then had the worst job ever to do…cleaning the fish tank. Its normally asifs job but he has a trapped nerve in his neck which is causing him a lot of pain in his arm so I did it. We have 2 gold fish I love them and they are equally as spoilt as my fur baby. They obviously get fish food every day but they also get treats they love frozen peas, tiny pieces of chicken and fruit in tiny pieces as gold fish dont have stomachs you have to be careful not to over feed them. My fishes are called Cheddar and cheese cheddar is 9 years old and cheese is 8 years old they are well looked after and spoilt just like azaria and she is 14

My gold fish

Asif always said cheddar, cheese and azaria are spoilt rotten, he thinks we are the only people who spend €40 a week on human food for azaria with fresh chicken soup, tuna,salmon,ham,fish,she also eats porridge and loves lasagne and it costs us €5 a week on goodies for the fish that’s why we cant get another pet anytime soon because I have a tendency of spoiling them and wanting the best for them. The ones I have bring me so much joy

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