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Few months ago i wrote about how bad things were going in college, it would of been easy for me to just drop out but i stuck it out and worked so hard. I spent hours a week to study, ive completed my portfolio and its pretty impressive. Im the 1st person in college every night, i get all the equipment and take it up the stairs to the classroom and then i set up before anyone else arrives. My homework is always done and handed in on time. Its not easy but i keep on trying.

The drop out rate for the course is so high and i understand why the girls are dropping out. I dont believe any teacher should embarass a student, or make a student feel humiliated. I didnt drop out because this course is my way forward and my future but there was times that i wanted to quit.

There is only 4 of us left in the class and officials are not 100% sure if they will continue with it.im lucky my attendance is 100% so the coordinator promised me that no matter what happens i will be allowed to sit the exams even if it has to be in a different college.

I put so much work and time into college, i study around the clock, practice all the facials at home, put so much effort into my homework and assignments i would be devastated if after all that i didnt get a qualification. Im loving the theory and practice that we do in college and was making plans for my future so if i have to travel to a different county to finish the course i will. We only have 10 weeks left and im exhausted from it all but i truly think it will be worth it all when i graduate.

College is hard and overwhelming at times especially when you have to work full time too. Its hard to stay focused and put in the time to study, to find the hours needed to finish assignments. What helps me get through it all is keeping my mind on the future, i keep dreaming about my graduation, future career and the future of the beauty industry

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  1. gillian king says:

    Well done for sticking it out

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  2. Liah says:

    Great job!! Celebrate all the hard work and keep moving forward

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