Work work work work

Sometimes it feels like all I do is work, I got up at 6.30am yesyerday to get ready, left the house an hour later. I was opening the shop so I needed to be in earlier. I worked all day and finished at 5pm I went straight to the crescent shopping centre I needed new shoes for my graduation I got them thankfully and started my second job at 6pm God only knows what time I finished work at 11pm then had to study for my beauty therapy I’ve exams in 2 weeks I’m truly enjoying the course and the girls in my class are amazing I’m really lucky but as 2020 is here Its got me thinking I need to put a plan in action for my life so I’ve been thinking a lot and I’ve finally decided what I want to do but that’s for another post.

My aunt ann is coming down tomorrow I cant wait to see her I dont think I have seen her since August which is unusual as ann normally comes than every couple of months she is 80 with a heart and spirit of a 16 year old.

Something wonderful happened yesterday a customer was in the shop and asked could he take some pictures of course it wasn’t a problem he then went on to write a beautiful post/review of our shop it really lifted my spirits and made me so happy. I will put the link below if anyone wants to read it.

Asif came into my shop yesterday and he said it looks great which is a massive compliment coming for him it made me so very happy and I was bursting with pride, knowing both mom and myself created this Aladdin’s cave from nothing.

After working all day in the shop today and working over 15 hours yesterday I’m finally home, and I’m cooking up a storm tonight we are having chicken noodle pasta its asif favourite and jelly and ice cream for dessert.