Operation organisation

Im finally better and operation organisation is on the way yesterday i went back to work and it was so great to be back i love the shop and being their. I took my nephew out for lunch i love spending time with him.

I had a date night with Asif last night it was a fantastic evening and i slept late today didnt get up until 12.30.

I cleaned the whole house, took down the christmas tree, washed all our clothes. Ive our lunches made for the next couple of days.

Ive my hair done, face mask done and my cat played with and fed. Ive all my assignments printed out and ready to hand in.

Ive cooked Asif his favourite dinner chicken pasta, im boiling eggs and making a salad now.

All i have left to do is study and organise clothes for the week and sort out my college bag.

Later asif and myself are going to go for a walk and im looking forward to it since the weather is so nice outside