So it begins

Asifs friends are arriving today so you can imagine the last minute rush last night to tidy the house, its already clean but that bit extra you do when visitors are coming.

I find it hard to stay organised this time of year as its the busiest season for my shop so im working 7 days a week for the last 3 weeks and i only finished college on monday so its been crazy.

Ive a few more gifts to get so im staying in limerick tonight hoping to get them all after work.

I wont meet asifs friends until tomorrow night we will all have a prechristmas meal in our house. Im looking forward to it especially since the boys do the cooking.

Tonight is when our christmas begins i go for christmas drinks with mom and dad, tomorrow night i have Christmas dinner with all of asifs friends on monday i go for a Christmas breskfast with dad and my nephew matt, monday night we do indian finger food, chicken sausages and loads of snacks with both mine and asifs friends, tuesday night we have a christmas dinner and watch christmas movies and wednesday we are all up to mom and dads house for the day. I love this season its the one time of the year you make an effort to spend with the people you love. Ive all my dresses ready for the celebrations that are ahead.

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