Its been a sad couple of days my uncle passed away he was my mothers brother and he was always so kind to us as kids. During our childhood years we went to his house on our holidays some of my greatest memories are in his house playing with my cousins, running all around the house having pink wafer biscuits and lemonade. The house was full of laughter and joy.

When my grandparents passed away we didnt go up as much and the years just fly by. My brother got married in August and he was their with his wife it was Amazing to see him again and have all the lovely memories come flooding back. Whenever i think of my uncle fran a smile is brought to my face.

Tomorrow is his funeral and i cant go ( joys of being self employed) but i will be thinking of him and his fabulous family.

I was lucky to have known him and even luckier to have him as an uncle. So this christmas hold those you love tighter, tell them you love them and cherish the moments you have left with them because we never know what tomorrow brings.

Fran was loved by everyone, he was a great man for telling stories, he was larger than life, when he entered a room he would light it up.

Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers i cant even imagine how heart broken they are

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