Going home for christmas

I always go home to my parents for christmas, we all go there to exchange presents, have dinner play board games and make memories.

Asif is Muslim so celebrating christmas is new to him but he loves it. Asif celebrates it as a family occassion but he goes to mass with my family and joins in with everything.

Asif has no family here so his friends come from different parts of ireland and stay in our house christmas night we have a fancy indian meal with christmas crackers and all, we have our own little christmas party indian style.

On st. Stephens day we all go back to our parents house except asif spends it with his friends they go out for dinner and a drive.

We both have different cultures and back grounds but we moulded them nicely together and respect eachothers beliefs

Christmas always means a full house for us and that means full of laughter, games, eating great food and most importantly love.

For me christmas is love spending it with family and friends and that makes me the luckiest person alive to have that.

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