Never judge a book by its cover

As you all know I’m studying to be a beauty therapist, well actually I’m just doing it because I need to know everything about the skin for my aromatherapy future plans but regardless I’m studying really hard even the modules I dont really need to know. I’m the 1st one to class and the last one to leave. I’m practising at home and ensure all my homework is done.

Most teachers would say that’s a dream student someone who works hard and tries her hardest.

I kind of knew my teacher wasn’t very fond of me she doesn’t like to answer my questions everything I do she finds fault with it, now some people might say I’m being paranoid or too sensitive but i knew i wasn’t.

Last week we had a written exam I studied so hard for it getting up at 5am to study for an hour before I had to get ready for work, I studied when I got home from work and I eventually had it all learned off by heart.

The night of the exam I flew through all the questions I was the first one finished.

I couldn’t wait to get the results back…well I did and I’m gutted with the results …..I got 85%.

I know it’s a good grade and normally I would be ecstatic about it but I looked through her marking and she marked I got all the questions right. So if you get everything right then the result should be 100%.

I lost 25% due to where I placed my apostrophe now that’s WRONG it wasn’t an English test it was a beauty therapy theory test and I know my spelling isn’t the greatest along with my grammar but it was wrong. I asked the other girls could I look at their papers and they had spelling mistakes all over never mind punctuation issues and they got 100%.

So I said nothing and carried on with the class and watched how our teacher interacted with everyone and that’s when I noticed that the really pretty girls could do no wrong and the girls like me well everything we did was wrong. She liked these girls cause they were well groomed and nicely put together.

Now bear in mind I work 2 jobs and I’m attending college along with everything else us women have to do grooming is the last thing on my list I don’t have time for facials nor manicures nor do I have the money it takes to buy the designer clothes and make up.

To make things worse we were learning how to shape eyebrows I was the model and when she seen I had a scar on my eyebrow she freaked, saying it should be covered and I shouldn’t have it on show. I said I like my scar its character building, its part of me, it’s a war wound well she was having none of it saying we had to hide these things.

I’m lucky I like myself scars and all, peoples opinions on my looks dont offend me it’s not like I look like the elephant man. But her remarks can deeply hurt someone and cause psychological scars, we have already have 9 people drop out….I wonder why. This us why it’s so important to never judge a book by its cover accept people for who they are.

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  1. I can’t believe you’ve been treated like that in class – it’s so important to teach people to love all of the little things about them that make you, you. It really doesn’t matter what you look like or how many designer items you own and you shouldn’t be treated differently because of that, but I think you’re so strong for loving those things about you and standing up got yourself and I really admire that xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment❤

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