Exam time

College is going great. I had an exam last Wednesday i put so much effort into studying i was getting up at 5am .

I showed up early for the exam so i could unwind after work with a cup of tea. I decided not to look through mt notes incase i confused myself.

When the exam started we all had to put away out stuff and just keep our stationary out. The test was handed out to us and we had 30 mins to complete.

I flew through all the questions, thanks to my studying i was confident my answers were right.

About 4 questions in i realised the girl beside me was trying to copy my answers. So i became a bit angry i had worked so hard and studied so much to pass this exam, and she came in thinking she could just cheat. So i put my arm around my page so she couldnt see then she began whispering to me asking what the answer was i pretended i couldnt hear her now i know that is a bitchy thing of me to do but omg i work 2 jobs attend 2 colleges and i managed to study for my exams. She doesnt work and she has children but her mom takes them to school and collects the for her so she had plenty of time to study. To top it all off during practical work this girl watches us all and tells the teacher if we make a mistake we have had 2 girls quit because of her. I always do my homework and practice as much as i can at home along with studying for hours every week on the other hand this girl never has her homework done, obviously doesnt study, she is naturally good at the practical work but she will also need to pass the theory if she wants a qualification. I have been good to her given her my notebook so she could catch up on the notes.

I get the results tomorrow im not worried because im do confident i answered them all right

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