Living my dreams

Today isnt as cold has the last few days, the sun is shining, its not raining and to top it off ive been busy all day in the shop. With all new customers that tells me my business is running efficiently and right on schedule ive new customers every day and sales are constantly rising it makes me so very proud that im on the right track. Deciding to follow your dreams isnt easy everyone puts you down, your friends turn against you and you become the topic of conversation. For me it made my life easier i got friends who were self employed like myself, we had so much in common and could lean on each other for support, the old friends who stood by me became my best friends and the support i recieved was phenomenal. Right now im living my dream running my very own store, im graduating from Trinity college in january and I’ve started college to become a make up artist im so excited about it. As for the next chapter in my life im in the process of opening an online store called ” vintage girl” with my 2 best friends, im in my final module of aromatherapy so im one step closer to fulfilling my dream of bringing out my very own beauty range, im hoping to do a course in beauty parties so i can put all my mua skills into practice with my own mini party company. So im quite busy trying to do everything but i love every single moment trying to turn all my dreams into a reality. I work part time as an auditor to finance my education and my dreams and somedays im so exhausted but at tge same time im busting with excitement for the next step. While everyone is out drinking this weekend i’ll be hitting the books studying all the bones in the face and the layers of the skin so when exam time comes in june i’ll be ready for it.

If like me you have dreams and ambitions they my advice to you is follow them, yes you might fail but the way i look at it is even if i failed i won because i got to live my dream for that short while most people never get to live there dream for even 1 day. After work im going out to celebrate my results with my family and i cant wait.

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  1. Agreed, it’s important to have dreams and follow them, life is too short to waste!

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  2. gillian king says:

    We all need dreams and ambitions it helps keep us focused

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