The results are in

As you all know i was studying in Trinity college , it was a college i wanted to go to since i was a child its like the Harvard or Yale of Ireland i couldnt believe my luck when i got accepted. I worked so hard to pass and no matter how tired i was i always pushed myself on. Asif payed my fees for me and my parents were so supportive and proud of me. Ive been waiting weeks for the final results and OMG they were well worth waiting on i got 1st CLASS HONOURS im jumping for joy and so proud of myself as a treat dad took me out yesterday, we had a lovely breakfast and he bought me a gorgeous necklace to say well done on my results.

In the coming weeks im going for afternoon tea with some of the girls in a posh hotel to treat ourselves. asif and i are celebrating this weekend and i cant wait

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  1. Congratulations you should be so so proud of yourself!

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    1. Thanks so much I’m so very proud of myself and your study guide post helped me a lot

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      1. Aw I’m so glad it did!

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  2. gillian king says:

    Wow congratulations

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  3. Collin Divine says:


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