Being self employed

So its official i got the name of our business approved it is now called Vintage girl im loving it and i got some art work done for it too im so ecstatic and feel like celebrating everything is falling into place.

Getting a business up and running is so exhausting and exciting at the same time but its stressful when your trying to run your first business, go to college and hold down a part time job.

Ive so many ideas running through my head with designs, packaging, buying new stock and the excitement of opening an online store but the truth about self employment is hard work you probably work harder than you ever have before but its so worth it, the joy it brings turning your dreams into a reality is the best high you will ever get, the happiness it brings is unreal. For the rest of my life i will never regret doing this. The truth is you will never be so broke as you are when you become self employed all your money goes into the business especially when you self finance like i do.

I love to be kept busy and i enjoy doing what i do for a living. I highly recommend living out your dreams

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