Busy Wednesday

I was working in Clonmel last night i didnt get to bed until 4.30am and i had to be up for 9am to open the shop. I was so busy today i was in the shop on my own the weather was horrendous today but i was really busy so busy i didnt have a chance to eat breakfast or lunch when i finished work i was starving.

I got home around 6pm and jumped into the shower. I then cooked a lovely dinner for both asif and myself. I made potato curry with boiled rice and side salad. It was delicious i then made our sandwiches for work tomorrow.

I then went of fb to answer all of my facebook comments and messages for the shop. Here is the link for the facebook page of my store.


I then had to catalogue and wrap some of my jewellery for my new online store tomorrow i will have to photograph them all and upload them to the website..

Now im in bed studying for college and trying to make notes. Im tired but im going to carry on. Its the joys of being self employed trying to fit everything in.

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