In sickness and health

As you all know dad had been in the hospital getting his heart checked, his graph came back really good so they done blood tests on him they arent happy with the results so he is back again tomorrow getting a complete blood work done.

Im really worried about him but i have a gut feeling he will be ok. Its so hard watching someone you love being sick when you cant help him.

Recently i applied for my dream job and if dads results come back bad im going to turn it down cause right now my priorities are my family. Mom will give up work and i will work in the shop full time and quit the part time job i have.

Ive got my brothers together and we’ve organised a plan to look after each other while giving time for mom to have a break.

I rang my aunts and they have offered to come down and help with my shop and dads shop.

Thank god for family between us all we will get through it together.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, im a massive believer in that and family is so important to me i love everyone of them equally.

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